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5 Awesome Images From Mech Con 2016 In Vancouver

Dec 6, 2016: 8:36A

Being an instructor at the Think Tank Training Center (TTTC) has its perks and free tickets to Mech Con was one of them. I do have to thank Joseph at TTTC for getting us guest pass tickets for Sat 3rd Dec.

Honestly, before yesterday I didn’t really know much about the con itself but I already knew I wanted to go. I’ve been in Vancouver for about 8 years and I never heard anything about it, then again I’m not much in the gaming scene. So naturally I had to see what the rave was all about for Mech Con.

I learnt a bunch from some of the creators and I saw some really cool game play. There were 1v1 MechWarrior Online Stations setup, listened to The History Of MechWarrior Talk and the MechWarrior Online WC 2016 Finals at 9. All in all it was pretty awesome of a night. My friend Viona works at Piranha Studios but unfortunately we missed each other by about 5 mins in the end.

Photo Highlights From MechCon Vancouver 2016

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