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Beautiful HD City Sunrise Timelapse iI Vancouver

Oct 9, 2016: 5:49P

Recently I've been getting up just before the alarm goes off and it's been a refreshing routine. Because of this, I get to see the sun peak out from the horizon and since we are a couple floors up I get to see the god rays through the buildings. The view from our balcony is quite something, so here's an early morning sunrise timelapse I created with the Google Nexus 6P in 4K goodness. I love the way the sun peaks through the clouds like that and the palette at this time is really nice.

I'm thinking about making a full timelapse video, probably about 2-3 mins of fotoage from my phone. I've been using it alot on my jobi just to record video aroudn the city. Maybe in the coming weeks I'll get some time to put together the video. I'm already filled up on my phone with has 128 GB of space.

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