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Digital photography using the Google Nexus 6p and the Canon PowerShot s110.

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Sun Setting Over The Cityscape in Vancouver

Aug 24, 2016: 5:45P

The view from our apartment is pretty ridiclous around sunset time and here's why.

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My Weekly Trip To North Vancouver By SeaBus

Aug 16, 2016: 9:48P

Returning to downtown Vancouver by seabus, I captured this whilst exiting the terminal.

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Downtown Vancouver Skyscraper

Aug 3, 2015: 3:47P

This at the time seemed like an interesting angle to shoot, the sky is nice and flat blue.

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Summer Time at Kitsilano Beach Vancouver

May 9, 2015: 11:12P

Here’s a series of photos I took when my girlfriend and I went to Kitsilano beach by boat.

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The English Bay Flare Photography

Jul 17, 2014: 3:14P

That orange and black contrast makes for such a dramatic sunset.

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