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Digital photography using the Google Nexus 6p and the Canon PowerShot s110.

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Burrard Bridge Sunset Photography in Vancouver

Jun 13, 2014: 1:19A

Here's 5 photos I stitched together in Photoshop one evening from English Bay.

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Foggy Gastown Vancouver Photography

Feb 8, 2014: 12:41P

This is what a giant fog with God rays in downtown Vancouver at 9 AM looks like.

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Late Night on the Burrard Bridge Photography

Oct 28, 2013: 12:56P

Sometimes you don't get that dramatic sunset ... hence Photoshop.

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Flight of the Martini Orange Photography

Oct 12, 2013: 7:43P

That orange plane from 'Independence Daysaster' with director W.D. Hogan.

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Vancouver Winter Solstice Photography

Jun 20, 2014: 9:34P

The official start of winter in Vancouver with most streets and buildings completely snowed.

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